Jackhammer Rental

Many local home improvement stores rent jackhammers in their tool rental sections. They normally rent out expensive or specialty tools that are only used once in a while. Most tool rental places have jackhammers in stock to rent with a variety of tips and accessories to choose from. A jackhammer generally used because of its ability to break up patches of dense material like concrete or asphalt. They are also excellent for being able to flatten out a hard surface for finishing purposes.

Price Guide for Jackhammer Rental

Small Electric Jack Hammer / Demolition Hammer around $50 for 4 hours or $60 a day

Medium Size Jackhammer $75 to 100 for 5 hrs. and $110 to 150 per day.

Larger hydraulic jackhammers can range from around $215 for 4 hrs. $305 per day and $1025 per wk.



What is a jackhammer?

A jackhammer is an electro mechanical tool that combines a hammer with a chisel. Credit for its invention is shared by three different people: Charles Brady King, George Leyner and a French engineer named German Sommelier. It’s difficult to say which one actually invented it since patent credit is give to all three. But the one that we can identify with most is George Leyner.

We can identify with his name because Leyner owned a drilling company. And in 1902 Ingersoll Rand introduced Leyner’s invention as “Type X”. The Ingersoll Rand Company began using it to carve out the Panama Canal in 1904. It was given the name “jackhammer” in 1912 by Ingersoll Rand when it bought out the J.G. Leyner Engineering Works Company.

The jackhammer is hand-held and is powered by compressed air. There are some jackhammers that use electric motors to power it. The electric jackhammer plugs into a 120-volt outlet. It exerts around 40-60 pounds of force. There are three types of jackhammer: electric, gas, and pneumatic.

Before Leyner invented the jackhammer, workers had to use a sledge hammer. This was a slow and tiring method. The jackhammer operates on its own practically. The hammer is internal and it goes up and down in fast motion. These repetitive cycles powers the striking force of the jackhammer. However, the effectiveness of the tool depends on how much force is applied.

The jackhammer is used to break up pavement, rock and concrete. Most everyone has seen city workers hammering away with it in the streets. Whenever the construction crew has to repave roads and streets, they usually have to remove the worn layer first. This is when they use some type of jackhammer. There is a large jackhammer that is mostly used in construction work, and it is hydraulically powered.

The jackhammer is not limited to work crews and construction. Many do it yourself homeowners will sometimes use a jackhammer on projects. An example of this could be taking up an old worn cracked driveway in order to replace it with new concrete. Other times, the home owner may use it just to remove some pavement or rock. There are stores that will rent a jackhammer by the hour. There is one other thing about a jackhammer that you should know. It is a very noisy tool. When you see the construction workers using it in the streets, take a look at their ears. They have to wear earplugs to protect their ears. So if you decide to rent a jackhammer to do a project on your own, be sure to ask the aisle number for the earplugs.

There is little reason to own a jackhammer unless you are going to be using it frequently. At some point, anyone who does regular work around the house might need a jackhammer for some tasks. When renting a jackhammer, there are several areas of information that are relevant to consider. The first is the type of hammer that one needs. A pointed tip is what is used for breaking up material. On the other hand, there are several types of flat heads for finishing a surface. Looking into how much a store will charge for rental for whatever version one needs is also important to keep in mind.

When renting a jackhammer, safety should also be a top priority. These are powerful portable machines that are meant to be able to tear through the material with the correct tip. While active, proper safety gear is imperative to ensure no injuries result from operation. Protect the eyes as well as the head with safety glasses and helmets. Make sure to wear gloves and thick clothing as sharp and hard chunks of material could shoot up from the jackhammer. Follow all safety instructions offered by the manufacturer of the tool while using.

For those in construction, purchasing a jackhammer is a wonderful investment. For those who mostly work around their own property, renting one is probably a better option. Take the time to find what local stores offer jackhammer rental. Make sure to look into which ones offer the best deals and the best brands. Be safe while operating the jackhammer and be sure to use the right tip for the job. If you follow our tips renting a jackhammer should be safe and easy.