How to Use a Jackhammer

First of all, before a person can go ahead and start to use a jackhammer, they will need to understand the basics of operating one. Depending on the type of concrete job they are planning on, they may end up using one or another type of jackhammer bit. Furthermore, it’s important that the proper safety precautions are also taken. Safety glasses, a breathing mask, gloves, and heavy-toed boots are all recommended before beginning the job.

For edge trimming concrete, a flat tip blade is the right choice. Meanwhile, a spade bit will break up a concrete slab efficiently. Lastly, there are also times when a person might need to break up a solid exterior surface; in this case, a pointed bit is ideally recommended for the job. Additionally, the location in which an individual rents a jackhammer will also be able to advise them on an appropriate jackhammer bit.

After fitting the equipment with the appropriate bit, they can go ahead and lift the jackhammer into place. Generally, for all areas that a person will be using the jackhammer at, it’s best for them to start on the outside edge, and work their way to the inside. Sometimes, people might also make use of a specific dolly tailored to a jackhammer; this is used to assist the individual with moving the unit to the location, and it also helps them to position the jackhammer.

When they are ready to begin, there is typically either a switch, or a trigger that the person can depress, and hold while they’re using the equipment. Furthermore, when the jackhammer is being used, the individual may simply guide the tool to where it needs to go, as the unit does all the mechanical work.

There might be times when re-enforcement wire, or mesh is present within a concrete slab; if this is the case, it will need to be removed with specialty-cutting tools. These tools are commonly used in conjunction with jackhammer units, and can be inquired about when renting a jackhammer unit. Lastly, when the individual is done operating the equipment, they can ease their hold off of the trigger, or flip the switch off on the unit.

Next, the equipment can be laid down onto the ground gently, while still at the job-site. The person can pick up, and remove the debris that is loose; the jackhammer can then be re-positioned and used again if needed to finish the job. After cleaning up all of the left-over concrete debris, the job has been successfully completed.