Where to Rent a Jackhammer

There are a few places that you can go to for jackhammer rental, but not all places are created equal. Below we list many of the national chains that you can rent tools at, but there are many other local rental stores in your area that you should search for.

Home Depot Jackhammer Rental
Home depot has plenty of jackhammers that you can choose from. Home Depot  has the largest selection of jackhammers, and not only that, but the retailer is known for having some of the best rental prices. Another reason why you should consider renting a jackhammer from Home Depot is because the customer service is great, and they will make sure that you get the right jack hammer at the right price. You can also reserve tools online on their website.

Jackhammer Rental Lowe’s
Lowes has around four different types of jackhammers to rent from, but the choices will vary depending on which Lowe’s location you decide to go to. The jackhammers that Lowe’s has are usually very durable and reliable. There is another benefit of renting tools from Lowe’s, and that is they are very flexible in terms of how long you can rent their tools for. You can also look at their tools online.

Sun Belt Rentals
Sun Belt Rentals is a retailer that not many people have heard of, but this place is one of the best places to rent jackhammers from. Believe it or not, Sun Belt Rentals has a bigger selection of jackhammers than Lowe’s and Home Depot. Chipping hammers, paving breakers, rivet busters and rock drills are available to rent at Sun Belt Rentals, and at great prices. If you are in need of an affordable jackhammer, and a quality hammer, then this is the place you want to get your jack hammer from.

As you can see there are quite a few different places you can go to when you need to rent a jackhammer. These three places are all unique in their own ways, but they all should have what you are looking for.